18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker Game

Most people, though, will find the Jump Pack an adequate substitute. All trucks perform differently and require different approaches to finishing the level. Not so with the Dreamcast version. Players can sound the truck's horn to make other cars on the road yield and slipstream behind large vehicles to gain a momentary speed boost. However, the Score Attack mode and Versus mode add major value.

18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker Download Game

It seems vague and arbitrary. Reality takes a back seat to fun and physics, but the gaming experience is entertaining.

18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker Download Game

If you are truly interested in driving monster wheelers through traffic-filled highways, then the game might be worth renting. Mixed among the Virtua Fighters and Daytonas, windows 2000 professional Sega sometimes has a tendency of releasing rather quirky arcade games Wheeler American Pro Trucker is one example.

Also, there was only one rival. If you are a fan of the arcade version, you may be puzzled that there are only four truckers. Released by Sega, it is faithful to its arcade counterpart, but the voice actors for the characters were changed and it lacks the arcade's cross-country map loading screens. However, the sound effects are right on. The Golden Gate sequence was very impressive, although my personal favorite was the tornado sequence.

The textures are cleaner and the game runs at a higher resolution, but there are still relatively major issues with pop-up and draw-in. He is always there to cause havoc and can ruin a perfect race by causing pileups or simply running you off the road.

It also adds some serious speed to the game, which makes those boring stretches across the Arizona desert almost thrilling. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Each cab has its own character. In the score attack mode, you must earn as much money as possible while racing three laps around a course. In time you will learn when to anticipate the need to shift up or down.

18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker - Videogame by Sega

Players are given a set amount of time, but can ram into special vans that will add three seconds to the timer. Shifting up and down is done with the same button A.

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Because you're driving bulky wheelers, the gameplay speed is naturally quite deliberate. American Pro Trucker More Info.

Crossing the finish line before the Lizard Tail yields additional money. You can play in Parking mode to try the challenges without going through the race sections to practice your skills.

Finally, the arcade mode, which is also the game's most robust gameplay mode, asks you to deliver a variety of cargo from New York to San Francisco, with four different stops in between. The player listens to a trucker radio station as he careens down the highway. As with the score attack mode, the objective is to defeat the rival in each section and deliver the cargo by taking the least amount of damage.

There were a few things about the game that came across flat. Versus mode is fun, and the game is enjoyable and challenging. The game was challenging but not frustrating.

Rather, it's the general pace of the game. Sometimes the computer cheated pretty badly to get ole Lizardtail ahead of me or on top of me. In between levels, players can park the truck in a minigame to earn more cash and upgrades for their truck, such as an improved horn. Learning to slipstream is crucial to completing the game.

18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker Game

Both modes operate nearly identically, with the main difference being that in Score Attack you get to whack, smack, and attack Lizardtail, and in Versus mode you get to abuse your friends. Here's hoping for a lag-free experience.

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And when running over sedans is unavoidable, learn to place your rig behind another rig in front of you. While your opponent may come in ahead of you, if you've struck and comboed more bonus cars to get your final point total higher, you win. However, the graphics are clean, bright, and convincing. You must park the truck in five different garages in each level within a limited time period. Good controls will make that possible.

American Pro Trucker Arcade flyer. Whereas, all the mini games Score Attack, Parking, and Versus mode feature complete voice acting by the truckers. There are only a handful of phrases that the truckers will say during the course of any run, and after a while, they start to repeat quite frequently. The main purpose of the game is to make it to the finish line with the truck's cargo. The game's dawdling pace worked in the arcades because of the novelty of the arcade cabinet, but on the console platform the game's slow pacing and repetitive style quickly become tedious and boring.


Money is deducted from the total when the trailer is hit. Another downside to the gameplay is the horn feature. This can be frustrating at times, because no matter how skilled you are at the game, it is impossible to leave the rival behind. Still, the game isn't a slouch visually.