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The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini. Used Books Millions of cheap used books are offered for sale online by bookstores and booksellers on the AbeBooks marketplace. Decker is visiting his hometown of Burlington, Ohio, when he's approached by a man named Meryl Hawkins. The Book Thief Markus Zusak.

Search for used books Author. Presentation of how drugs are used in clinical practice. Caveolins are important structural proteins of Caveolae, small invaginations of the membrane. As New The book is in the same immaculate condition as when it was published.

This copy may be soiled, scuffed, stained or spotted and may have loose joints, hinges, pages, etc. What do a psychiatrist, a mother, and an expert hitman have in common? The Alchemist Paulo Coelho. To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee.

Lord of the Flies William Golding. The fifth edition has been extensively revised and updated throughout.

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They usually display a stamp, a card pocket, or catalog number. Watership Down Richard Adams. If buying a hardcover book, check for the presence of a dust jacket.

These are books that were once owned by, and circulated in, a public library. Condition is the all important factor.

Cure Tooth Decay is based upon the pioneering nutritional program of dentist Weston Price, former head of research at the National Dental Association. Easy to understand and clinically useful, this trusted manual has been thoroughly updated with the latest clinical information and evidence, including electronic resources.

The reference of choice for every stage of your career! Life has been easy for Maxim Trevelyan. It is about healing cavities without dental surgery or fluoride. Are you a professional bookseller?

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Any defects should be noted by the seller. Visit our guide to book conditions to better understand the difference between fair, very good, fine and all the other descriptors in play to describe used books.

The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell. Now there is a natural way to take control of your dental health by changing the food that you eat. Nurse researchers, educators, students, and all clinical specialties will find the encyclopedia an important introduction to the breadth of nursing research today. The Pillars of the Earth Ken Follett.

New sections on key and evolving topics, including prescribing safety and pharmacovigilance. Updated figures to further clarify complex areas. Comes with free e-book on StudentConsult. Poor Describes a book that is sufficiently worn. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

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Forget about drilling, filling, sony camcorder video editing software and the inevitable billing. Millions of cheap used books are offered for sale online by bookstores and booksellers on the AbeBooks marketplace.

Clear, disease-based approach. The Goldfinch Donna Tartt. Any missing maps or plates should still be noted. If you would like clarification on any term in a particular seller's description, please contact the bookseller directly for further information. New York Times bestsellers.

Neurocritical care was originally developed to manage patients with traumatic brain injury or stroke. Over revised multiple-choice and case-based questions for self-assessment. But the false promises of conventional dentistry have led us down the wrong path, leading to invasive surgical treatments that include fillings, crowns, root canals and dental implants.

Good G Describes the average used worn book that has all pages or leaves present. The book may have been opened and read, but there are no defects to the book, jacket or pages. The Woman in the Window A. Please carefully read the bookseller descriptions. Fair Worn book that has complete text pages including those with maps or plates but may lack endpapers, half-title, etc.

They can offer excellent value for money but may have been read many times. Hawkins is a convicted murderer. All defects should be noted. This could be the description for a book that has been lost in a warehouse for years, never shelved, thumbed or even opened yet may still be some years old. Stay up to date with all-new chapters and expanded chapters on delirium, movement disorders, dementia, pregnancy loss and stillbirth, acute musculoskeletal injuries, and more.

Booksellers use these terms, as well as unique terms not included in this list, based on their own criteria. Our booksellers ship books all over the world and many copies are also offered with free shipping. Cure Tooth Decay provides you with clear and easy to understand dental facts to help you make healthy, life-affirming choices about your dental health. This book discusses the factors that affect outcomes in patients requiring various types of neurocritical care. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase.

Reading Copy A copy usually in poor to fair condition that includes all text presented in a legible fashion. Binding Copy Describes a book in which the pages or leaves are perfect but the binding is very bad, loose, off, or nonexistent.

The copy is fine to read but nothing more. The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Unbroken Laura Hillenbrand.

Many ex-library books are listed for sale on AbeBooks. Especially when he uncovers a plot to kill a presidential candidate. The Fault in our Stars John Green. The definitions below are for reference only.

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