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It's because he loves her this much that he has to sacrifice his happiness for her safety. As a result, Sungjae could not do the kiss scene properly. On Music Plaza Radio, Leo was asked about his close relationship with Eunji, free egyptian which he admitted that was true.

Taemin Dating Theory - Shinee Theories

She is currently single now. Yoon Bo-mi is a South Korean actress and singer. She normally jokes when it comes to her relationship. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Who has a boyfriend in Apink

We surely love those two talented Busan singers! Can someone translate what the question was pls? He explains that he tends to cross his legs, what is so the couple will reunite anyway. They manage to get in back into the ground. He says he is not even sure if he and his old flame held hands.

  1. Currently, none of the Apink members have a boyfriend.
  2. Eunji just had six months training before joining Apink, even though she had not received any official training.
  3. Key explains that Taemin is very obvious about his emotions and reactions, so even if he says nothing you can see what he thinks on his face.
  4. And a big plus is the fact that many other people explained carefully as to why they are ignoring each other now.

Taemin opens his suitcase and reveals lots of fruit and strawberry milk. Chorong who was afraid of the machine instantly said no and as a result, she was electrified by the machine. Although she never mentioned the name of the guy she was going out with, it sounded like a surprise to colleague members. Naeun responds that Taemin is also good looking. List of awards and nominations received by Lee Tae-min List of awards and nominations received by Shinee.


Taemin explains in his interview that if his feelings for Naeun grow then he might be upset at some point and cry. The distance of them over the years is no joke. Eunji and Seungyoon had a lot of interaction in a public space. Though for mere viewers the occasion was considered a normal encounter, many fans started to ship them as a couple.

And then to us, no, at least to me, by being distantly separated, within years, there is a growing hallucination that I'm often thinking of that person. Taemin next shows off his baby photos, which are soul-crushingly adorable. Naeun says that she has difficulty believing his claims about always being single because he is too popular and handsome not to have dated before.

Taemin asks if they should unpack their suitcases. She was rumored to have dated Kim Bum, who is a South Korean actor. Official confirmation arrived very soon after the first reports. If they aren't dating, And i were in her shoes, i would not feel comfortable with all thise taggings lest actually even post something so related to his birthday.

  • Kim Min-jong Lee Yeon-hee Sulli.
  • This is very normal to keep everybody happy.
  • Naeun laughs and collapses back onto the bed.
  • Lee Soo-man Chairman and Founder.

In the clip, Naeun claims that she washed it once. Naeun was seated right behind Eunji. Taemin asks Naeun if he was one of her top choices among all the male idols.

Taemin sees it next and exclaims. In that occasion, Chorong who was the last person to get off the stage was waited for by Suho. Notify me of new posts via email.

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Lee Tae-min
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He says that although the statement was made in a roundabout way, he was expressing his interest in Naeun. Her baptismal name is Marchella. Chorong came to the event with the fellow Apink member, Namjoo.

Naeun notices that the scarecrow has no mouth, so the couple draws a mouth and three strands of hair on him. The couple shows surprising natural and friendly chemistry, which is necessary for carrying the show through the creaky and recycled scripting. Naeun confesses that an ophthalmologist told her that she sleeps with her eyes open. She dreams of a never-ending love like in vampire movies, and wants a reliable and manly husband. Salamander Guru and The Shadows.

Taemin recounts the time he made ramyun and added chili powder, honey, and milk, causing his members to ask him to never cook it again. Eunji and Sunggyu also became guests on Running Man. Review The theme of the Taemin and Naeun couple is fated first love, and the writers are so heavy handed about it that the interview segments groan under the weight of the obvious script. She is the leader, vocalist and rapper of the girl group Apink.

As for their interaction, Naeun and L became the guests of Running Man albeit having no legit moments together. He asks what she can make, and she remains silent. He appears nervous and clutches his chest.

And even in this episode, your judgement is really cool. Paste as plain text instead. Taemin tells Naeun that with her he wants to be more honest. We provide you with the latest Korean news.

Lee Tae-min

Park Cho-rong is a singer, castle dlc matchmaking actress and songwriter from South Korea. It stars Taemin and Shota Matsuda. Taemin arrives at the house and walks in looking for his wife. Continue to be happy uri maknae.

Way before she doesn't keeps tracks of anniversary, special occasion dates but surely after meeting Taemin she remembers it automatically now. Onew, Taemin, and Key are given a clue in the form of a photograph of a woman sitting in front of a window. However, it is not known whether she is still dating. The main vocal Eunji is looking for someone who has no double eyelids, a defined nose, a soft smile, killer charisma, and will still love her even if she does not put any makeup on.

Naeun and taemin really dating games

Taemin suggests a horror program, presumably meaning a haunted house. Everyone who was present was laughing at this amusing situation. This did not discourage her as she made the next move by joining Cube Entertainment to become a member of Apink. Five for a high five from this fangirl.

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Adidas cake at Taemin's birthday? Taemin asks if Naeun knows how to cook. How great the meaning of distance has. Taemin is next instructed to draw his dream wife. He decides that he needs to write the chords down so he can play better.

SHINee s Taemin and A Pink s Na-Eun say goodbye on We Got Married

While waving her goodbye to the crowd of reporters, an innocent bystander beside Eunji joined her in waving and posing to the reporters. Yet again Taemin says in the interview that he and Naeun are destined for each other, and Naeun remarks that they have a lot in common. Taemin then asks if they can speak informally and Naeun answers yes. This is a wonderful solution like a magic trick by a magician. She is part of the vocalists in the group Apink since and has been a part of all their releases.

Even though the distance between him and Chorong was far, Luhan still looked at her longingly. Son has not been an exception, horrible dating jokes she has not been rumored to have dated or currently dating. Rumor has it that Bomi and Chen are dating.

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