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They want to remarry, but according to the Islam laws, dangerous dave game online Aaliya would have to perform the Halala Nikaah where she must marry another man before she can remarry Zain. He even tries to kill Aaliya. Zubair is arrested again but Zain and Aaliya stick up for him causing Surraiya to throw Aaliya out of the house. Suraiyya believes Bobby because she instigated her against Aaliya and starts disliking Aaliya again. The series has also been dubbed in South Africa in the name endless love.

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Because of this, the family starts hating Aaliya. When they are married, seeing Suraiyya's hatred for Aaliya, Nafisa tells her the truth on the complaint, and Suraiyya apologizes to Aaliya. Rehan soon finds out that Nafisa was behind all this.

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Zain is shown searching for Aaliya and finally finds her in Hyderabad, where she runs her own food stall with help from Rehan. Osman advises him to get Aaliya. The family hears this and Fahad slaps Shazia but Nafisa stops him and tells him to forgive Shazia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

At a party, Zain is led to believe that Aaliya loves Zubair not knowing that Aaliya and Zubair are cousins and he humiliates her. Kandha Puranam Vinayaga Puranam.

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Zain's car breaks down causing Aaliya and Zain to spend the night in a room outside where they consummate their marriage. She plans to kill the baby along with the help of Surraiya's sister, Zareena Kamya Panjabi. It is then revealed that, Rehan's wife's death was caused by Suraiyya. Zain finds out later and brings her back home. Aayat and Aaliya also have a falling-out.

Zain meets with an accident and is injured. Indian Television Dot Com. Once Aaliya is gone, Zain learns of her innocence, and regrets his actions. Aaliya promises to bring Barkat back. She had planned to kill Osman, but failed.

Osman then dies and the blame falls on Aaliya, thus Zain tortures her before he gives her a divorce. Nafisa gets Suraiyya arrested but uses Aaliya's name to lodge the complaint.

Aaliya plays hard to get, but Zain manages to win her back eventually. Zain now in love with Aaliya feels jealous.

For the Pakistani television series, see Be Inteha. During all this, Nafisa becomes pregnant again which infuriates Shazia.

Romantic Love story Drama Fiction Thriller. Surraiya then bribes Zubair by releasing him if he separates Zain and Aaliya. This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

Zain wants to get rid of her, as he never wanted to get married and only wanted to have girlfriends. After this, Nafisa turns good and promises to reunite Aaliya and Zain. This is why Suraiyya dislikes Aaliya and her family.

Aaliya begins finding Barkat's behavior odd. Because of this, Aaliya and Zain have a tiff. Zain's ego and arrogance starts to threaten his marriage with Aaliya.

She asks Zain to help her find out the truth. Zain and Aaliya finally express their love for one another.

Osman is in an accident which leaves him paralyzed and unable to speak. An angry Rehan stops Zain and Aaliya from meeting and also decides not to divorce Aaliya. On the day of Eid, Zain gets Rizwan and Aayat secretly married.

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. She is then thrown out of the house.

Zain and Aaliya get remarried and the family is happy. Fahad does and the family is happy yet again.

Zain and Aaliya come closer and become friends when they help Fahad who has landed in trouble with some goons. He exposes her by recording her confession. He tries to make Zain believe Aaliya has an affair with but Rehan exposes him and Zubair gets thrown out of the house. During their engagement, Aaliya reveals the truth, and Rizwan and Aayat's engagement breaks.

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Suraiyya, who dislikes Aaliya, emotionally blackmails her which makes Aaliya leave the house. Aaliya, leaves for her hometown Bhopal and leaves a message asking him to realise his mistake. Zain and Aaliya finally find Barkat and a joyous Suraiyya starts liking Aaliya and her family again, which makes Shazia and Nafisa, her other daughters-in-law, unhappy.

Seeing them fight, Zain and Aaliya remember their journey from hatred to love. Programs currently broadcast by Colors. During all this, Rizwan expresses his love for Aayat and they get engaged.