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List of songs recorded by Maroon 5

It's no surprise that super-producers Diplo and Mark Ronson make a great team, nor is it surprising that the newly formed duo ended up breaking into the Hot within their first few singles. So it felt natural that the K-pop superstars sonically pushed themselves to new places as well, wallowing in the angst of this track's emo-rap vibes and its wailing chorus. The frustration is evident in the agitated rock feel of the song, but it is also a key part of the song's success.

It does feature Adam Levine using a payphone, something which is gradually disappearing from the American landscape. The secret is all in that beat, which bounced it to a No. Once you hear it, you'll never stop faaall-ling for it along with them.

The notion of two girls doing naughty things has been virtually non-existent in Latin music. Endless criticism on social media. Many saw echoes of the classic film The Graduate in the clip. The song incorporates a funkier feel in an effort to make the band sound more urban and contemporary. But it would hit my ex-girlfriend like a ton of bricks.

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Chase the hard-earned success of your full-length project with a sun-kissed loosie alongside Calvin Harris. Think the Minneapolis sound taking a vacation in Sweden. The group believed they had enough material for their debut album, but the label pushed them to write more.

Group members appear as creatures from the game. The accompanying music video was directed by film director Peter Berg and features Adam Levine as a boxer whose work conflicts with his home life. An obvious Hot chart topper and delightful fixture on pop radio.

In a year when the cultural conversation around gender and sexual fluidity became more nuanced than ever, Japan-born, U. Artists like Kenny Chesney and Luke Bryan have been filling stadiums without the help of a football game for years now.

The song was originally going to be included on Mike Posner's album Pages. This sassy song is a blast. But what about the annoyance? After a quarter-minute exhalation, it was time for Grande to let the light back in.

Bay may very well morph again come album three, so enjoy his newly bedazzled, groovy look and sound while you can. Christine and the Queens, one of France's finest exports, released the lauded sophomore album Chris this year.

List of songs recorded by Maroon 5

The accompanying music video was directed by John Hillcoat, who directed multiple videos for Depeche Mode. The fact that Drake can credit his lifestyle to divine intervention without anyone batting an eye says more about his undeniable superstardom than any chart record or award ever could.

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Three decades later, Healy might not quite have the answer, but damn if he isn't at least trying. Consequently, the song was available as a free download for a limited time on the Kia website. What better way to announce the reintroduction of Weezy F. Furman's vocals on the cinematic, Springsteenian rocker are tremulous yet urgent, as if they're fully aware the fight against The Man is as hopeless as it is necessary.

King's dead, long live King Kendrick. The song was revisited because the record label loved it. The passing of a loved one. It was co-written by Mike Posner and Dr. She did, however, hindi films mp3 perform her verse at a Super Bowl pre-party sponsored by Bud Light.

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Would you fly across the globe for the apple of your eye? Counter to predictions, it was a hit from the beginning. The band worked with producer Benny Blanco and a big team of songwriters. Since that interview, the L.

Want us to spell it out for you? Enter a revved-up Cardi, listing out her favorite things Diamonds!

Thousands of songs have been written about the thrill of having a crush. Here are the Billboard staff's favorite songs of the year. The song was inspired by the Notorious B.

Top Best Songs of Maroon 5 Download - Fun and Factz 4 U

The second is a statement about love after a relationship goes horribly wrong. The song kept the band soaring at pop radio, but it was their last single to be played extensively on alternative radio. No, not the automatic transmission. But it's the way the song flawlessly builds to to the zenith of Gaga's scream that makes it truly show-stopping.

It was directed by Samuel Bayer, known for his work with Green Day, and was shot like a mini action film. The song's steamy music video may take place in the dark, but bumping this hit at any house party is guaranteed to light up the room. Bill Lamb is a music and arts writer with two decades of experience covering the world of entertainment and culture. The accompanying music video was directed by Sophie Muller and depicts a triangular relationship between Adam Levine, his girlfriend, and her mother, portrayed by Kelly Preston.

Adam Levine was interested in the song, but Mike Posner turned him down until the record label chose different music for Pages. The accompanying bloody music video made headlines for charges that it dehumanized women and glorified violence. Just a few months later, she released her own dressing-down to those who would fuck with her heart. The tear-jerking music video fully embraces the pain that comes with loss, and it helped propel the song to a peak of No.

It should sound sad, considering the subject matter, but her voice is too bright and the music too rhythmic to give the sorrow somewhere to stick. Few observers predicted the show would become a major hit. The accompanying music video generated controversy over steamy scenes with Adam Levine and his then-girlfriend, model Kelly McKee. She laid out what she learned from all her celebrity exes in its verses, including how to love, how to be patient and how to process and heal from pain. Stapleton's gritty vocals contrasting with Timberlake's boy-band-honed croon, plenty of twangy guitar and a stellar sing-along chorus.

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