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Maptek understands the diverse needs of our customers. Reset page Save search parameters Retrieve recent results Publication Tips for finding specific primers. Set a lower value if you need to find target sequences with more mismatches to your primers. Our experienced mining engineers, geologists and surveyors combine their expertise with the best mining technology to help you achieve your goals. Expected number of chance matches in a random model.

Partial ranges are allowed. You can also specify in the fields below the minimal number of nucleotides that the left or the right primer must have on either side of the junctions.

Avoid repeat region for primer selection by filtering with repeat database. Information about careers at Maptek and current vacancies. Accurate execution in the field is tracked in real-time. Note that the specificity is checked not only for the forward-reverse primer pair, but also for forward-forward as well as reverse-reverse primer pairs. Mitochondrion genomes are included where applicable.

Maptek provides responsive technical support for our products. Limit Air blast level for less complaints. Discover the benefits and features of Maptek products in these overview videos. Maptek delivers end to end solutions across all key aspects of the mining value chain. Our platform provides tools to plan and predict fragmentation results.

Learn ways to apply our solutions to benefit your operation. Free up time, focus on incremental improvements for overall productivity gains.

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Maptek laser survey technology combines long range laser scanning hardware with processing and modelling software for industrial survey projects. PointStudio software is an intuitive point cloud processing and modelling package for mining, civil, geological and surveying applications. Electronic tie-up delivers finer timing control and reduced misfire potential, increasing safety and reducing excessive vibration and noise.

Access to data is immediate and universal across users, simplifying and accelerating routine tasks. The Tm calculation is controlled by Table of thermodynamic parameters and Salt correction formula under advanced parameters. Maptek technology solves issues and helps mining operations improve productivity.

However this will increase the search time. Watch tutorials outlining ways to apply various tools. MineSuite technology systems allow operations to track, monitor and report on products, equipment, processes and personnel. It will replace the current graphic view in the future.

Annealing to both exons is necessary as this ensures annealing to the exon-exon junction region but not either exon alone. Pre-empt risk, productivity and cost issues before they emerge in the business. Sentry is a laser based spatial solution for remote monitoring of surface stability and critical risk management in open cut and underground mines. The millimolar concentration of deoxyribonucleotide triphosphate. Developed with the best partners you can think off.

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Blasting fragmentation prediction and optimization. Enter the position ranges if you want the primers to be located on the specific sites. Hole sizing, hole depth and getting the holes in the right place is very critical in a blast. It only means that the primers may amplify one or more other slice variants, in addition to the one you have specified. This will limit the primer specificity checking to the specified organism.

Watch webinars on various topics and learn about the latest solutions from Maptek subject matter experts. This option enables our new graphic view which offers much more details for your template and primers. Control tie-up, blasting sequence, time histogram and blasting direction. If a repeat database from the same organism is not available, the database from the closest parent of that organism in the taxonomy tree will be selected.

You can choose to exclude sequences in the selected database from specificity checking if you are not concerned about these. Lower risk, better results, greater productivity.

Communications Forge Newsletter The free quarterly Maptek Forge newsletter includes case studies, product and corporate news. For thermodynamic alignment model only.

Optimise and track the use of explosives. Choose a higher value if you need to perform more stringent search. Note that the actual number of similarity regions or number of hits may be much larger than this for example, there may be a large number of hits on a single target sequence such as a chromosome. This option is useful if you want a primer to a span specific junction on the template. Correlate data and look for nuances.

Blast plan downlod via O-Pitcloud. Get the fundamentals of drill and blast right every time. It enables operations to make blast implementation decisions with reference to mine plans, geology and geotechnical data with instant data connection and visualisation in the field or office. CaveLogic strategic software simulates multiple scenarios for identifying the most economic, khoobsurat mp3 efficient way to mine using mass subsidence methods.

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