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Vocoder Vocoder Kraftwerk style. At the beginning of the great Who song. Make una stop dey throw trash for hia ooo Abeg. Reply Cancel Reply All fields are required!

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Glass Voices The perfect pad for many applications. What's love got to do with it. Dis song made m sit up to pass my first semesta exams. Back at the Chicken Shack. One Love Extended Version.

My bet is that this sound will become a classic and will appear in the factory patches of new synths. That's a sax played through an organ leslie. He relooped it, remapped it, and trunc'ed it down.

DJ Ayi Presents Best Of Bob Marley Mixtape

But it always gets a bad rap. This clangorous noise never disappears in a mix, though sometimes we wish it would.

Bob Marley - One Cup of Coffee. Bob Marley - Brain Washing. Bob Marley - Teenager In Love.

Bob Marley - Rastaman Chant feat. Bob Marley - Black Survivers feat. Do something better bro if not you go start from crash again.

Nice one Victor keep it on. Wetin don pass ur side dis week? Bob Marley - Soul Captives. Bob Marley - Treat You Right. Bob Marley - Rasta Man Chant.

Punky Reggae Party Bonus Track. First to download wow this song is a jam.

Check out any pop ballad for an example of this crispy electric piano. Very particular-sounding, highly-resonant synth and dance hall reggae bass.

Its a cool song, more grease to ur Elbow Victor. Scratchy vinyl noise, a melancholic string loop, a great bass, Rhodes with tremolo, wha-wha guitars. Gated choir sequenced triplets. Which kinder mtcn u dey collect. Bob Marley - Hallelujah Time.

Glory Box Hell is round the corner. Bob Marley - African Herbsman. Bob Marley - Thank You Lord. The programmed drum machine pattern, in combination with other sequenced parts, was absolutely phenomenal and ground-breaking. Bob Marley - Rastaman Live Up!

DJ Ayi Presents Best Of Bob Marley Mixtape

Bob Marley - Duppy Conquerer. Bob Marley - Concrete Jungle. It is not permitted to sell this item on Discogs. Am also a musician upcoming artist Cool music more blessing victor Ad, boss davido. Bob Marley - Kinky Reggae feat.

Bob Marley - Mellow Moods. What so special about this song self. Bob Marley - Soul Shakedown Party.

Bob Marley Is This Love Montmartre Remix Mp3 MB

Fantasia An evocative, mysterious sound, this was an otherworldly bell layered with a synth pad. This windbag has got to be one of the most overused solo sounds. If I download dis song wetin I gain? The song makes sense if you do not know good song too bad one should learn how to appreciate!

Bob Marley - dont worry be happy. Bob Marley - Why Should I. Bob Marley - Trenchtown Rock live.

Victor remix Dis song with erigga. Oloun I want to cash out ano get excuse for failure Hot songs bro victor Ad after this hit try to feature the street king baddo Keep going. Mumu surfer no dey tire you, attaullah khan sad songs mp3 This songs are people like you? You are dope your songs are also dope This make me believe when you are good you are good Hush Omo Alhaji say so.

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