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Magnificent churches, frankfurt am main singletreff the town hall and the two remaining city gates are still proof of Stendal's former wealth. Stendal station is the most important interchange and rail hub in the north of Saxony-Anhalt.

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The town suffered from strategic bombing. His ideas are often forceful and inspired, but they are erratic, arbitrarily advanced, and, despite all their show of boldness, lacking in inward certainty and continuity.

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Stendal is the seat of a University of Applied Sciences Fachhochschule and preserves a picturesque old town including a historic market and several churches. In the construction of the Stendal Nuclear Power Plant was begun north of the town, but abandoned after reunification.

Stendal Christian Dating

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Stendal is also part of the Altmark cycle path. We may ask ourselves how it came about that modern consciousness of reality began to find literary form for the first time precisely in Henri Beyle of Grenoble. The museum is the seat of the Winckelmann-Gesellschaft the Winckelmann Society. When the journey begins, love departs. Information and maps about this cycle path can be had for free from the tourist information office.

This journey or crystallization process shown above was detailed by Stendhal on the back of a playing card while speaking to Madame Gherardi, during his trip to the Salzburg salt mine. The nearby village Uchtspringe is home to a psychiatric rehabilitation clinic. There are also other churches in the area. Beyle-Stendhal was a man of keen intelligence, quick and alive, mentally independent and courageous, but not quite a great figure. Theatrical performances and dance events are staged, as well as concerts, conferences and meetings.