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Raise the control panel, if necessary. If you've set up a shortcut to vuescan. Use the numeric keypad to enter the fax number. Start Page Selects whether printing starts on the front or back page. Be sure to correctly enter uppercase and lowercase letters, and numeric or special characters.


There's some information about setting up libusb on Linux. Use a dark pen or pencil to fill in the circles and select the Text Style and Text Effects.

If you do not see these settings in the print window, check for them in your application before printing. Our free delivery option typically uses Royal Mail first class.

You can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Select the Scan Mode setting indicating where you placed your original if available. Place your original on your product for scanning.

Make sure the disc is loaded for printing before you start. Raise or lower it to the desired angle as shown. If the setting is correct, select Yes. Make sure the correct Connection setting is selected, then click the Test button.

You can select Download the Latest Software from the Home screen of this manual or visit Epson's driver download site U. If you still see a paper jam message, check the other paper jam solutions. You can click Settings to access additional options for borderless printing. If running these utilities does not solve the problem, you may need to replace the ink cartridges.

Shopping Discussion - Forums

If you want to create a new album, you must create it directly in Facebook. Some combinations of paper type, size, and layout may not be supported, depending on your camera and the product settings. Press the button on the cassette and then extend it as shown.

When you are ready to print on the disc, click the Print button on the screen. Turn off the desired options displayed on the screen.

Scanner Glass Selects the scanner glass as the location where the originals are placed on your product for scanning. Scroll down and select Sleep Timer. Make sure the Connection setting is set to Network, then click the Test button. Scroll down and select External Device Setup. Scroll down and select Communication.

Uninstall your product software. If you still have problems installing software, disconnect the cable and carefully follow the instructions on the Start Here sheet. If ink gets on your skin, wash it thoroughly with soap and water.

Check the printed pattern and follow the instructions on the screen to choose the number representing the best printed pattern for each set. Changes from Previous Versions. Slide the edge guides against the paper or envelope, but not too tightly. Transporting Your Product Transporting Your Product If you need to ship your product or transport it a long distance, prepare it for transportation as described here.

VueScan 9 Release Notes

Select the orientation of your document or photo as shown in the print window. Select the time period you want before the product goes to sleep. Select the folder in which you want to save your scanned file in the Scan To pop-up menu. Auto Cassette Selection Automatically selects the paper source based on the selected paper size.

Epson XP-860 User Manual

If you want to create a new album, you must create it directly in Picasa. If you have already configured an Evernote account in Easy Photo Scan, you can select the Setting Name or Destination Name for the account and click Send to upload your images.

Essential Software

VueScan 9 Release Notes

If your scanner has a button on the front and if a program starts up when you press this button while running VueScan, you have a program running in the background that you need to stop. Place your cursor over one of the Printing Presets to view its list of settings.

You can also see help information and how-to instructions on the screen. Set the front edge guide to the position for the paper size you are using. Scroll down to view all of the layout options, then select the option you want.

You can write it in by hand, print a message and paste it into the box, or draw a picture. You may also be able to access the window by clicking the icon on the Epson Scan window.

You must install Evernote before you can use it with Easy Photo Scan. After the insert is printed, you can cut and fold it to fit. You see a confirmation screen. Disconnect any connected cables. Select the time format you want to use.

One example of this is the Epson Status Monitor. Scroll down and select Quiet Mode.

Epson XP-860 User Manual

Also make sure your originals are not bent, folded, or curled and do not have tape, staples, or other materials that could obstruct the feeder. Thick paper and envelopes Prevents ink from smearing when you print on envelopes or other thick paper. Current Trending Post New Thread.

Solving Problems Where to Get Help Checking for Software Updates Periodically, it's a good idea to check Epson's support website for free updates to your product software. However, able music programs if you have ever needed to refill your Epson ink cartridges you will be well aware of the high costs involved. You can also purchase supplies from an Epson authorized reseller.