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Instructions Like most first-person games of this nature, you can aim with the mouse, and fire with the left mouse button. You need to allow it above.

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But, something about him is different now. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Start with the first Mission called Pinned Down.

Like most first-person games of this nature, you can aim with the mouse, and fire with the left mouse button. Now they've moved into space where gravity can't hold them back! In a war between snipers, every battle could last ten days or more! Alt Shift Lite Black and white and nothing but love!

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Universal Sniper In this zone of snipers, every step could be your last. You have to learn how to shoot with sniper guns, and manage to use what your team got to finish and rescue the hostages. Rock n Risk Blitz Jump, double jump parachute! Then fulfilling all mission and learning to handle different kind of situation. Anime Star Fighter Are you ready for a fight?

Launch your victim down stairs, against walls and through glass. By continuing on our website you consent to it. It isn't all head shots and assassinations. This is torture, this is art. Each soldier is specialized with some kind of weapons.

Start with targets, next practice clearing rooms on assault, and finally practice your sniper skills against real shooters. Keep your killings clean, shots up in between their eyes, like true lies, kill'em and flee the scene!

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Facebook Pinterest Reddit Twitter. Rogue Soul Who is that fast moving, red hooded rogue who has stolen the hearts of the peasant women and stabbed the throats of the empire knights? How will you take over this airship? Be a skilful leader of your pack!

Clear Vision Elite Between assassination jobs, learn the dark truth about this stick dude's past! So place them to be able to use their shooting skills without having to risk their lives. Use your blades and your speed and kill them all! You can also call in special abilities with E, and reload with R. Sniper Global Mercenary Although he is responsible for some of the most hateful rings around the globe, he is the only one that can adequately provide a safe haven for the future.

Make their pain an art form to be scored, celebrated and shared. Staying in the same area get's boring after awhile. While you wait for your mark to reveal himself, get a feel for the surroundings.

Take down a military uprising by shooting out their Generals, guards, scientists and Presidents in this sneaky first person sniper shooter. Player's Game Screenshots.

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You'll need both your gun and your scope on these missions. Thank you, your vote was recorded and will show soon. Each mission puts you into the shoes of four different soldiers, each positioned in a different part of the map. You can play and select your player use a closer combat soldier with guns that have a bigger range of fire. Confirm Something went wrong, please try again.

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You can cycle between them for the best vantage point on the enemies. Pirates of the Stupid Seas.

Stoneage Assassin Revenge. He's a cold blooded killer, a liar and an alcoholic.

Elite Sniper 2 Game Details

Then now we have a good news for you Addicting Games has released a second version of the online shooting game Sniper team. See how to complete the game. It'll take audacity, where can i the game temple run for guts and skills if you want to survive in this game! Have you ever played Sniper team online?

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