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More From Adventurous Lifestyle. The free version covers the basics, and in-app purchases add advanced material in cent packs.

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Space enthusiasts and curious minds will love how it packs a wealth of news stories, features, images, video, and information about the space agency's activities into this one mobile app. Despite its name, Cyclemeter doesn't just record cycling. Overlays, layers, clone stamp, curves, and masks are all at your disposal. Relieving stress is high on the list, and meditation can aid in that goal.

The 30 Best iPhone Apps to Download Now

See current rates and set up digital currency wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It has a simple interface, easy uploading, and swift syncing across all accounts. It's an amazing tool for active hikers or if you just want to know more about our mountainous world. Snap a picture, draw or write on top of it if you like, choose the amount of time the recipient can see it, and send away. Be sure to revisit this page from time to time.

The Best iPhone Apps for

It's worlds better than the stock Podcasts app from Apple. You can search among its included species by common or Latin names. Smartphone maps are great at charting our earth, but what about the hardest places to reach on earth?

It's a treat to play with all these options, plus the app's graphical calendar, while also being productive. It's a noticeable upgrade from what comes standard on an iPhone.

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Unlike the rest of Office Mobile, the Outlook iPhone app is totally free. Groupon finds nearby deals for you, sometimes at massive savings. The app is able to predict weather for your exact location, not just your city, down to the minute. Mention scours the web day and night to find new instances of search terms of your choosing, and alerts you when it finds them.

Hosts can vet potential boarders, manage their calendars, and promote their properties through the app. Your documents are saved to and synced with the versions on OneDrive, so you can fluidly move from one form factor to another. The app has all the capabilities you could ask for and more. Either way, you'll be a happy listener. LinkedIn provides an effective online network for keeping up with your contacts.

Free, with in-app purchases for some features. The app syncs with other installations of LastPass, such as those on your laptop or desktop computer. You can organize the apps on the Home screen, put them in folders, and move them to other pages, or screens. We'd love to hear about it.

How to apps on iphone 5 for

Sweatcoin is a fitness app that tracks your progress, giving you Sweatcoins in the process. Or swipe left to see the apps on that page.

It's not cheap, but it's the best way to learn a new language. It's silly, pointless, and a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Apple's own podcast app hardly does them justice.

How to apps on iphone 5 for

Geolocation reminders actually work in this app, and it's an overall great app for jotting down tasks and goals. The app uses that information to adjust your workout to make sure you're always challenged but not pushed beyond your boundaries. Your group can even have its own notification sound, and turning a photo into a text meme is a snap. It can give you some peace of mind while you surf on you iPhone using the coffee shop's Wi-Fi. Personal finance iPhone app Qapital entices you to save through gamification and tiny actions you take every day.

We're in the middle of a podcast renaissance, and you need the right tools to listen effectively. Free Testing your connection speed is a first step in diagnosing networking issues. Television watching is a lifestyle choice that's indulged by more than a few.

With Pinterest on your iPhone, it's easy to snap photos in the real world and upload them to your boards. Twitch's iPhone app may not allow you to stream your own gameplay videos, but it is the best way to watch your favorite streaming personalities and chat with fellow gaming fans on your mobile device. It's not raining now, but should you bring your umbrella with you for a quick coffee run across the street?

Cool new apps arrive on the App Store all the time, so we update this list when we make new discoveries. The apps included here will run just fine on the past few generations of iPhones, large or small. Of all the music streaming apps in the Apple App Store, 3d canine anatomy software Slacker Radio always seems to pound just a few beats harder than the rest.

Pinterest lets you organize and share all pictures of anything you find online or in your life. People often forget that there's more than one way to find webpages, directions, videos, and photos on the Internet. As you might expect, the app requires an Internet connection to work. Just be ready to open a new savings account that entails a low monthly fee.

It converts metric to imperial measurements for temperature, cooking volumes, length, and more. Feature-wise, Bing's app can keep up, and adds voice and camera input along with local info.

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Travelers can book their stay, chat directly with the host, get exact directions, and explore fantasy accommodations like furnished tree houses. Its push notifications are fast and it's easy to set up.