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Kamen rider gaim opening single, kamen Rider Bujin Gaim

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Once a Rider, always a Rider. Him crushing Gaim like a bug was a very impressive and showed why he's the strongest Rider. Oren and Jonouchi both making their entrances via performing Rider Kicks on Inves, whilst untransformed! Where he used to have trouble holding up against either one by themselves, Mitsuzane is now able to hold his own against both Gaim Kiwami Arms and Baron Lemon Energy Arms.

To top his He's Back moment, Kouta makes good on his promise established a few episodes ago and blows up the Scalar weapons! It really shows that there are hidden depths to the guy. Near the start of the episode, Kaito and Mitsuzane's fight culminates in a mutual de-morphing. It makes for a pretty epic fight that might be the highlight of this episode and next episode. He catches the Orange with his feet and throws it into the Lemon Energy seed!

Did we mention that Kaito did this by eating a Helheim Fruit and turning into an Overlord? Gotta pay my respects to the root of it all. It can use the weapons of all the other Lockseeds, including Kachidoki. The monster, as we saw, is Yuya, which just adds to the power of the sequence.

Kamen Rider Gaim

And if his casual entry in the episode before wasn't way to make an appearance, it looks like he's going to wipe the floor good with Gaim and Baron. Bujin Gaim and his monster attempt to capture Zangetsu as well but the Rider easily gets away.

Hiroyuki Takami is part of a pop duo band named Access. How does Kouta make his Big Entrance? That is an impressive image to say the least.

The demonstration of Kouta's new godhood. When the show ended, a soundtrack was released with an exclusive song by m. Kouta and Redyue's battle. Take a Third Option at its best. Micchy thinks it over and decides to fight for Mai.

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As soon as he figures out that he just pressed Ryoma's Berserk Button of humanity advancing without his help, he proceeds to call him petty and a Curbstomp Battle ensues. Each one had a different genre of music. Despite their different ideals, the two work together like a well oiled machine, pulling off a Back-to-Back Badasses moment.

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That's how well he wiped the floor! The motorcycle race between the two Riders as well. Kouta and Kaito managing to counter Sid's Energy Rider power with tag team Bike Fu and knock him to the ground long enough to escape. Showing how far the three have come as fighters, the crooks stand zero chance until they call their Inves for help.

Kouta returns to give Mitsuzane a much-needed hand. Pity that the actual battle is instead an Offscreen Moment of Awesome. How they are shown Zangetsu pointing his sword to Ryugen and Kouta's past and actual self is awesome.

The title track from their second album, Deep Breath, became the third insert song for Kamen Rider Agito. Any time Kouta calls himself a Kamen Rider. He targets the Bujin Riders and is able to control a small army of monsters after he defeats that respective Rider. When Sid tries to eliminate Takatora in Helheim while they were alone, he learns just how bad of an idea it is to pick on someone who is more used to using Rider powers.

He would go on to perform the opening to Kamen Rider Drive. This vocalist is notable for becoming the voice for the transformation belt in Kamen Rider Ghost many years later. You can see Kamen Rider Gridon with Baron's team, but he's not there for too long, so pay close attention, he charges in with the Baron team as well, single frauen trier helping fight the Gaim team.

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Roshuo once again demonstrates his great power by disintegrating missiles that were fired at Zawame City in an attempt to eradicate the Helheim invaders following Redyue's broadcast. It gets mitigated though, since Takatora expected Kouta to actually give up after he learned of Helheim.

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Baron and Gaim both using their finishers together to take out the Inves. Did you know that a lot of these shows have a summer movie theme performed by the same artists who performed their opening? There was a special edition for the single which includes the Special Ore Ghost Eyecon, an exclusive Eyecon themed after the band. Despite his power-up, Gaim wasn't able to land a single hit on Zangetsu Shin, proving that he is still the strongest Rider. It's rather cathartic to see Kaito in Baron Energy forms stomp Micchy's ass after the latter shoots Kouta in the back.

One can only imagine how Kiwami Arms can top this level of awesome. Nishikawa sometimes goes by the name T. Handing over the Pine Lock-Seed realizing that it was the only way to defeat the monster. Along with the fact that Kaito using the Suika Arms was able to beat Sigurd. The cherry though is what he says before he finishes the fight.