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He took those passages from the sacred texts which suited his purpose and ignored or glossed over others that did not. Bhindranwale abandoned his private bus and fled. Indira Gandhi considered the Anandpur Resolution as a secessionist document and evidence of an attempt to secede from the Union of India. Bhindranwale then surrendered himself to the police for arrest and was being taken to a circuit house guest house instead of prison.

Bhindranwale has remained a controversial figure in Indian history. Over the period Bhindranwale grew up as a leader of Sikh militancy.

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He ended his speech asking the mob not to act violent after his arrest. The History of the World's Largest Democracy illustrated, reprint ed. During a random check, one truck was stopped and many sten guns and large quantity of ammunition was found. Challenges to a Nation's Unity.

Killed in gunfight during Operation Blue Star. Partap was murdered with gunshot at his home in Tahli Chowk. Narain had been present at the clash between the Nirankaris and the Akhand Kirtani Jatha and had served as a witness in the court case of the incident. He was viewed as a supporter of the Nirankari sect and had written several editorials that had condemned the acts of Bhindranwale. Punjab Police had to provide protection to the entire distribution staff and scenes of armed policemen escorting news hawkers on their morning rounds became common.

Damdami Taksal

Government publication, National government publication. The violence incidents increased and reached its peak in the months before Operation Bluestar. People criticising Bhindranwale were perceived as his enemies who in turn were branded as enemies of the Sikh faith. Bhindranwale's occupation of the Akal Takht was termed as an act of sacrilege.

Longowal by now feared for his own safety. This condition was accepted by the police. The mob roused by Bhindranwale's speech opened fire on the police who were taking him away. The case was heard in the neighbouring Haryana state, and all the accused were acquitted on grounds of self-defence.

Dialogues with Sikh Militants. The resolution was made fundamental to Bhindranwale's cause as the demand for autonomy was phrased such a way that would have given more authority to the Sikhs than Hindus in Punjab. This added to his popularity. Dialogues With Sikh Militants. Police did not entered the temple complex to avoid hurting the sentiments of Sikhs.

After the operation Blue Star, it was found that the militants had even set up a facility to manufacture grenade and to fabricate sten-guns inside the temple complex. Longowal was of course not on the side of Bhindranwale and so he accused him.

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Expanding Governmental Lawlessness and Organized Struggles. Why I Supported the Emergency. Thousands of people joined the movement in the hope of acquiring a larger share of irrigation water and the return of Chandigarh to Punjab. For negotiating Bhindranwale's surrender, the senior officers went inside the gurdwara. Bhindranwale delivered a fiery sermon inciting the mob against the Government and against the alleged injustices done to the Sikhs and himself.

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After the launch of the Morcha, Sikh extremists began committing acts of political violence. Sikh Educational and Religious Foundation. Travails of a Wounded Land Riddled with Toxins. Bhindranwale gradually took complete control of the Golden Temple from Akali Dal. Essays in Honour of Professors Harold G.

These talks ended up being futile. Challenge and Response, Abida Samiuddin, ed. The prominent members of the Sikh religion got the message being spread through the ongoing events and were afraid of personal safety. Bhindranwale never learned English but had good grasp of Punjabi language. He then started working with his father in the farm.

He gained prominence due to his involvement in the Sikh-Nirankari clash. Mrs Gandhi's last battle by Mark Tully. In Bhindranwale and his armed group moved to the Golden Temple complex and made it his headquarters. Religious leader of the Sikh organization Damdami Taksal.

The Akali Dal was initially opposed to Bhindranwale. Several bomb blasts were made in Punjab's Amritsar, Faridkot and Gurdaspur districts.

Bhindranwale warned of a backlash by the Sikh community in the event of an army assault on the Golden Temple. Punjab Police issued a warrant for Bhindranwale's arrest in the editor's murder. The police surrounded the gurudwara at Mehta Chowk but did not make any attempt for his arrest. An arsenal had been created within the Akal Takht over a period of several months. He gave his full-time to Taksal.

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Gandhi's last battle by Mark Tully. Confrontation, Assassination, and Succession, by Robert L. Perspectives on Unprincipled Politics, eds. Other Akali leaders joined the negotiations but a compromised settlement failed to emerge.

Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale had with himself a group of devoted followers armed with firearms who served as his bodyguards and acolytes. To restart the talks with the Akali leadership, Indira Gandhi ordered the release of all Akali workers in mid October and sent Swaran Singh as her emissary. He quickly became the favourite student of Kartar Singh. Bhindranwale's group were killing the Sikhs who had been speaking against Bhindranwale and the idea of Khalistan. After absconding for several days, kalimba songs Bhindranwale secured himself in his fortified Gurdwara Gurdarshan Parkash located at Mehta Chowk.

Several other dissenters were also killed. The movement was hijacked by Bhindranwale who declared that it will continue until all the demands in the Anandpur Sahib Resolution were fulfilled. The bus contained written records of sermons of Bhindranwale for posterity.

The police failed to check these vehicles, reportedly on instructions from superiors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Babbar Khalsa had also the support of the Congress party. Political Leadership and Ethnonationalist Movements. The Congress leader Giani Zail Singh allegedly financed the initial meetings of the separatist organisation Dal Khalsa. The judgement would be accepted by both parties and carried out. Members of his militant group often served as willing and unpaid killers.

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