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Health DemoDate Nordic co-creation for Health Tech growth Oulu Finland

Nordic Startup Awards Finland Winners Announced - ArcticStartup

He has supported hundreds of IoT start-ups in successfully realizing their products. Validation saves time and money. We manufacture and develop industrial dryers that are based on our own patented technology. We are building tailored solutions to help our partners achieve sustainable growth.

Finnish government backs tech-city development in Oulu

He flew all the way from Copenhagen to support and assist the organizing team for the whole weekend. This includes integration into Smart Home and facility control systems. We are the only company in Europe concentrating in ash and sludge granulation and the manufacturing of granulators.

So, why not to contact us? Discover new partnering opportunities and book time for the most wanted face-to-face meetings with the help of Brella networking application. Moreover, being a vegetable makes cauliflower seasonally available, muslim dating websites which raised up a question for its availability. We launched our first website.

Mukana tapahtumassa

Being afraid to make them is like being afraid to learn something new. So I guess what happened was that a bunch of genius minds got together, were inspired by the same idea, joined forces and started working. Companies and organizations have a great impact on the environment and social well-being for us all. We need the valuable information from testing to be able to further develop our product.

She had done a great job to point out all needed factors for the business idea, well kept within the time limit. The aim of the Accelerator Programme is to promote the growth and internationalisation of the companies. This background and our collective experience and.

  • Over monitoring stations have been delivered to Northern Europe.
  • We consider environment and sustainable development throughout our activities.
  • We have the ability to invent new solutions instead of relying on old ones.
  • Investment in a new bio power plant is one major step towards this.

We sat down for a chat with the team to catch up. We aim to serve our customers at least as well as when the fish were sold one at a time and face-to-face at the market. We got a few more team members to join our team and we got started. Jon is also a member of jury board on Sunday.

Current programs and projects - BusinessOulu
Jyri Arponen

Leading the charge in smart, clean and sustainable solutions is the Industry ecosystem. In the Social Care and Educational Premises. We consider the environmental impact and energy efficiency of properties from the very beginning and evaluate the effects of technical solutions in terms of the entire life cycle. We are experts in demanding equipment assemblies such as optomechanical measuring and test equipment, robot grippers, test beds and assembly jigs. The development of each new solution starts from reliability, adaptability, simplicity of maintenance, user-friendliness and economic efficiency.

Coupled with comprehensive project management, we offer an all-inclusive solution to energy planning. Growth Investment Opportunities. The collapse of the Soviet Union in hurt technology output and exports. We have developed a new drying technology - ModHeat.

  1. The company has been growing rapidly and is currently expanding its business to the Central Europe.
  2. Proventia Test Solutions allow customers to rapidly increase capacity, change the setup at any time or expand their capacity in stages without disturbing operations in other test cells.
  3. More than that, Caulizza is a convenient and tasty way to eat more vegetables.

The third building is constructed of plank elements. The engine runs the generator and produces electricity. We are also a safe partner for all kinds of modification and development projects. We enable you to improve your water, energy and raw material efficiency through chemistry expertise, application know-how and smart technologies.

We are also a growing supplier of industrial and storage tanks. The City of Oulu is putting more efforts into attracting private investments to the region. They have such a sweet scent. Intelligent lighting brings forth enormous potential in energy savings and creates optimized lighting solutions in a completely new way.

Our machine stock enables proto and smallseries production flexibly and cost-effectively. To minimise emissions, it is always ensured that the dwell time of the combustion gases in the furnace is sufficient. Our technique includes the efficient removal of coarse material metal, stones, guidelines rcog concrete off the grate.


Thule Institute


Envitop was asked to evaluate the environmental acceptability of slag materials collected throughout the world. Our cooperation has grown from a supplier relationship to a close partnership that we will definitely extend in the years to come. Portable fibre optic cable units by Nestor Cables are used by both defence forces and civilian actors, including event organizers and media companies.

Thule Institute

Matchmaking oulu Nurture success by data and matchmaking and oulu, finland. About Nordic innovators matchmaking for independent living Experienced MeetToMatch staff hosting the event, to make it run smoothly. The Finnish Business Hubs are business centres established by BusinessOulu and the City of Oulu to build connections between northern Finland and the target country. It is almost exactly three months ago, when I made myself on the way to the city center of Oulu to participate in the Startup Weekend. Programs BusinessOulu implements its strategy for the advancement of business in Finland with project and program funding.

Nordic Startup Awards Finland Winners Announced

Who will pay for this and why? Our diverse expertise, experience and skills are at your disposal! Due to its open source nature, Linux is constantly gaining new capabilities.

Waste management is carried out as part of the material and energy economy, ensuring an efficient use of resources and responding to the challenges of global climate change. In addition to biogas, the plant generates nutrient discharge that is used as fertilizer. Nowadays, a new trend is emerging where a lot of restaurants do not have dining areas, which only do straight delivery from kitchen. So, you choose a processor, and we turn it into an extraordinarily low energy consumption product that is ready for the mass markets.

They are aiming to establish one large kitchen facility with kitchens in Helsinki city, and then expanding to more cities in Nordic area. Oulu is among the fastest-growing cities in the Nordic countries. We have extensive experience with heating network operation of housing companies in Nordic circumstances. Solved helps sustainability networks build easily managed online ecosystems where matchmaking, co-creating and launching of new projects, as well as tracking them, is fast, easy and goal-oriented.

Polar Bear Pitching 2019

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As an example, the metal industry generates millions of tonnes of slag yearly worldwide. Our main focus is on new technology, medicine and the defence industry. That is concerned as the Oscar gala of events in Finland. Working with customers and partner helping them succeed in IoT. We offer a full portfolio of water treatment chemicals.

The Lumous solutions open this potential for all your needs with public outdoor lighting and industrial lighting. It understands your electrical assets and how they can provide flexibility with minimal impact to your operations. Potential customers considered Caulizza as a healthier substitute comparing to normal pizza, mkx therefore they can pay much more for this product. It will give you more information on every imaged pixel than any conventional camera. It separates the organized innovators from the just hopeful and enthusiastic ones.

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