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Within a few days time, Jebin's career gets a new break when an established publisher comes forward to buy rights for his first novel Maybe, Maybe Not! Ashok plays a writer who move to his father's old bungalow from there he faces many negative energies attacks. Was this review helpful to you?

The film uses a lot of Physics terminologies and that for some reason disappoints the masses who fail to understand its importance in the first place. Devanesan conjectures that the villa may have the left-over negative energy of prior owners as symptoms manifest psychic phenomena.

They decide to burn all the paintings in the secret room. Assuming that his father predicted that he would end up killing Aarthi, Jebin sets fire to himself and the villa to prevent him from harming the girl he loves. Ashok Selvan Sanchita Shetty.

Pizza 2 Villa

However, it is revealed that Aarthi's killer in the painting that Jebin assumed was him is actually Aarthi's new husband, the movie director. Finally Sanchita was retained and Vaibhav only was replaced by Ashok Selvan. Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani share a passionate kiss. All hell breaks loose when Raghava is possessed by an evil spirit.

Pizza II Villa Tamil mp3 songs download

Even before he could publish his first novel, Jebin, having moved into the villa, begins working on his second novel. She immediately likes both the villa and the mysterious paintings. In the chaos, Jebin's best friend loses his legs.

We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. Kajol remembers her late father-in-law Veeru Devgan as she pens a heartfelt note recalling the happier times. After Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green came in as one of the producers, there was a buzz that Suriya or Karthi would be roped in to play the lead along with a bigger heroine. For one, this film is less fun and more moody.

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Pizza II Villa Tamil mp3 songs download

Meanwhile, Jebin realizes that there is something eerie about the place when he stumbles onto some hidden paintings of his dad that seem to predict the future. His long-time girlfriend Aarathy Sanchita is the only person who can handle his moods. Vidharth, Pooja Devariya, Aishwarya Rajesh. She particularly shows interest in one dual faced painting. He uses the secret key to open the lock and discovers plenty of paintings rolled up inside a trunk.

In contrast, we had a cute romantic set-up in Pizza that made us feel concerned about the fate of the lead pair. According to the author of that blog post, Pizza cheated its audiences with a story within a story of a story. Villa may not be a fitting successor to Pizza, but it is a solid film in this genre. And when he reaches the villa, karizma album designs psd files it unlocks some dark secrets.

The strings get jammed abruptly. Jebin is also upset that his father Nasser left him with nothing other than a villa in Puducherry. He opens the lid and finds a secret key underneath. Yes, the scares here are really few but the film works more as a slow-burning supernatural thriller. He wrote the script in three weeks and submitted it to the producer, who thought of building it up as a franchise.

The Villa is a competently-made film that shows that horror, as a genre, will click with audiences if done right. Villa Theatrical release poster. The director and the editor deserve special credit for keeping it short and crisp, even with three songs in the narrative. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer, V. Devanesan also suggests that Jebin's father may have found an outlet, in his passion for paintings, to survive this negative energy which can neither be created nor destroyed but only transferred. Jebin even finds some paintings depicting a man and a woman getting married, and the man eventually killing the woman.

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Katrina Kaif opens up on how she deals with the scrutiny on social media. Theatrical release poster. And I thought for a minute after reading that post that its author actually was making sense. Many scenes appear to have come straight out of his own life, like his mother's death by car accident.

The Villa - Pizza 2 Movie Review

Thirukumaran Entertainment Studio Green. One night, an ecstatic Jebin plays the Victorian piano. It is then revealed that Aarthi's true intentions were indicated by the dual faced painting she liked when she visited the villa. The untimely death of his father crushes his confidence to pulp, forcing him to succumb to defeat.

Edit Storyline Jebin Ashok Selvan is a budding writer waiting to get his work published. During the process, the estate agent gets injured in a freak accident by the cast-iron gate, scaring away potential buyers who view this as a bad omen. Jebin also gets curious on the remarkable geometry of one of the paintings which appears to be more like a map than a work of art.

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Jebin also finds the identities and whereabouts of prior owners. The lyrics were penned by Ganeshkumar. All Bombay Times print stories are available on.

Surya, Vijay Sethupathi, Bobby Simha. With Jebin dead, Aarthi quickly seduces and marries an up-and-coming movie director. Reminder Successfully Set!