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The Infected can Break through it easily, so shoot them as they start making holes in the door. Crouch when you are approaching swarms this is assuming you have no molotovs or pipes and continue to spray the zombies.

Contrary to popular belief, it is much faster to melee hunters off your teammates, rather than shooting it to death. You can tell if one is coming by their thundering footsteps, the ominous music that precedes them or their distinctive roar. Apart from the mini-gun, the pipe bomb is probably the best device in the game.

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If you do, then don't forget that the melee attack is very useful. All items and weapons can be used to bash the infected. The best way to deal with them is to shove them away then when they are at a safe distance and kill them. When they do pounce on a survivor, the Survivor that is pinned will incur heavy damage which will lead to incapacitation and then death unless a teammate helps them of course. This is especially helpful on Easy mode.

The first is the Molotov cocktail. For the most part, yes, but be cautious of chargers which are like tanks and jockeys which are similar to hunters. He is about twice the size of the Survivors, and on Expert difficulty, he is particularly hard to kill. Keep this from happening by listening out for their belching and gurgling noises, and the occasional heavy footsteps. Crouching increases accuracy, to the point where the pistol becomes effective at considerable range.

Crouching makes it easier for people behind you to shoot and steadies for less recoil when you shoot. Always keep your weapons loaded!

If you have to split up, always go in groups of two. Only use your Health Pack when you desperately need to, use pills if it's not serious or you need to boost your health in order to run faster. The location gets overwhelmed with infected, you can't stop and fight them all. Hunters can also be stopped by a survivor meleeing them away when they are pouncing.

The witch will always attack the person that provokes her. Master the Mounted Turrets.

Lastly are the painkillers, which temporarily give you health which will slowly deplete, but will help for a time. The damage the regular infected unleash are weaker than the Smoker's wrath. Try to find grenades and health everywhere you go, but don't go too far from your team. Using the pistol where possible allows you to save your precious primary ammunition for when you really need it.

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Smokers can drag you from a long distance, once you are pulled to the Smoker, he will start hitting you. When facing Tanks, try to circle round it and continue to fire at the Tank until it is subdued.

Be sure to smack them away and then shoot them so as not to be covered in vomit. The Witch is incredibly dangerous, she can whack down survivors in one hit and on expert difficulty can kill in one hit. Excellent for close range combat, especially in swarm situations. Start on Easy difficulty and work your way up. The first is a basic pump action gauge.

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You can tell if a Smoker is nearby by their hacking cough and raw-throated scream. Boomers vomit will alert the infected and cause them to attack you. Be sure to free your grabbed teammate immediately. Bashing knocks infected back, giving you time to aim or reload, or buying you time if swamped by the Horde. The Tank is quite easy to take down if most or all of your team carry assault rifles.

Share them with others, as even a weak player is a fourth gun, and you need all the guns you can get. If you enjoyed playing the game, give it a thumbs up. The best way is to kill the Smoker is to melee the player wrapped up, which stops the Smoker dragging the Survivor. The Infected are normally found walking and are quite weak most of the time, stealthy for chrome 2.2.2 but in huge numbers the Infected are the most deadly foe in the entire game.

Get your guns ready and survive the zombie apocalypse! You must collect money to upgrade your items and equipment and hence giving you more survivability.

If you press reload and a zombie, or zombies, start attacking you melee them away. Tips During most Finales you have to defend your position until rescue arrives. If infected begin charging at you, and you are reloading, melee them back, back up, and reload. You will use pistols if you are knocked down by the zombie hordes.

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