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Thank you for the correction! It would more likely be Balaji Bajirao. The cap G seem to lack the buck tooth of Helvetica. Typesetting the Future And Far Away.

In her final recorded message before hypersleep, Ripley notes that she is the sole survivor of the Nostromo. This site feels like it was created just to give me something to read every night before bed. Please do one on Aliens when you get the time. Talk about typographic spoilers.

Thailand is south and to the east. Well, it turns out to be a very strange keyboard indeed. The Fifth Element and the original Total Recall would be great to dive into. Being American, Ripley naturally follows the English version.

Someone help me understand this please. Would save a lot of confusion. And will there be one on bladerunner too? Put them together and you blow my mind. Although tegestologists may well argue their case too.

As the last of her crew-mates are slain by the lurking xenomorph, Ripley realizes that the only option is an Emergency Systems Override to self-destruct the ship. This is the best blog ever! Which might explain the similarities you found between them.

This is most unusual, if only for being a serif rather than sans-serif on-screen computer font in a sci-fi movie. The title sequence of Prometheus cleverly references the font animation in Alien. Also, yeh betiyan to babul ki raniya hai mp3 the font in the landing animation was mentioned in Byte magazine. Care to do essay about Running Man? As a Alien fanatic this really made my week and probably month.

The mention of Alien, along with the Colorado connetion, led me to do a bit of research on that Aspen Beer can. That name might sound familiar. Way too cool, and very nicely done! It also includes work by Giger and Foss. But you have taken the appreciation to a new level.

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The classy older sibling of Eurostile was just dandy for the film. It looks far more like an animated effect than an actual computer terminal, especially given the resolution. Indeed, the Balaji Imperial cigarettes are about the only items that are not corporately branded. Love reading these, keep up the good work! The End of The Human Race?

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This is incorrect as pounds are used to measure weight. So I decided to take a look. After seeing the re-release of the movie I got interested in the history of the computer graphics in the movie and started doing some research into their history. Can you tell what it is yet?

Damn you, Foreshadowing Inventory! Can you do the movie The Fifth element?

There were no typesetting computers then, or colour printers for that matter. Can you make T-shirts from the Prana Lift logo? But you did read that used flat screens, albeit fake ones. The fourth item of note in that screenshot from earlier is the monitor screen itself. As a fanatic this was a true delight.

Therefore, the cargo can weigh less than the capacity of the ship. Absolutely brilliant post. This beautiful and by the looks of things, hand-painted display contains yet more typographic foreshadowing.

Ripley dashes back to the Emergency Destruction Room, desperately trying to stop the self-destruct process and give herself chance to escape. As she arrives at the Emergency Destruction Room, the Ominous Voice counts down the final seconds to inevitable failsafe cutoff. The title card tells the actual cargo being brought back, the computer displays the cargo capacity. As you say, people use the Burmese units for everyday purposes, and the metric system is going to become the preferred official system soon.

And beautifully mirrored, at least along the y-axis. My third post about typography in sci-fi has been gestating for a while now. Cargo and Capacity have different meanings. The opening credits for Alien are nothing short of a typographic masterpiece. Dave, A quick note of appreciation to you for this super article- beautifully balanced blend of hard fact and levity.

An entertaining read my friend. She even finds her not-dead cat along the way. Trying to be patient for you getting around to Blade Runner I mean hello Eye World, non product placement logos, custom parking meters, the Burbury building! That city lights green console type is only in the new special edition or whatever version that they released more recently. Caprica It was a Battlestar Galactica prequel spinoff that was unfortunately cancelled, but I really loved the technology and graphics used in the show.

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Alien and both have great stories. Truly a pleasure reading all of your posts so far. This is the time that remains before detonation.

But how do these compare to the English instructions we verified the efficacy of earlier? For the first three steps, all is bon. It was a pleasure to see your talk at TypeCon this weekend, Dave. This caused the Orbiter to gradually deviate from its intended trajectory, and disintegrate in the Mars atmosphere.

Or much, much bigger than it had to be. Friday Link Pack I make stories. You might think this is an odd thing to be written on the keyboard of an emergency destruction system. Indeed, just for good measure, they remind us to check them twice.