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Though the subject matter is bleak and upsetting, the narrative is intelligently told. Watch Online News All Posts. Joely Richardson as Christine.

No male character is seen at all - there are a couple of male voiceovers but otherwise this is an exclusively female performance. The tensions between the four women gradually reach breaking point, and in the horrific climax, an act of shocking violence erupts.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. In this movie, however, we see everything grow, develop, boil in a pot with no valve to let any steam out. The darkness of it was both scary and intriguing. This movie is a waste of time. Then the ending would have made more sense.

Today people just don't bother to think about anybody but themselves. Madame Danzard Julie Walters.

SISTER MY SISTER (1994) - Film complet en Fran ais

Sister My Sister (1994)

This is my first review ever, so I hope it helps anyone to decide on whether watch Sister my sister or not. What really made then tick off, that will be a question throughout my lifetime because we won't ever know what really happened on that night. But again the physical ominous presence of the house of bad things is so magnificently created by Rowe's creative photography that is becomes of equal importance as a character.

Alliance Releasing Foreign Theatrical Distributor. Ponderous silences and period clothing do not equal depth of meaning.

Ashley Rowe Director Of Photography. There are many beautiful scenes which show the closeness of the two sisters, and their affection and love for each other. Jay Rodriguez Just click on the download, watch now or start a free trial buttons and create an account. She was the only one born in the house. Your email address will solely be used for verifying the ticket.

Julie Walters as Madame Danzard. But slowly both the Mother and Daughter's cloistered lives intertwine with the Maids. But one of the most important things in this drama is the acting.

Soon, an explicitly sexual dimension is added to their already charged emotional encounters. This echo committed the murder.

Even the murders, while fairly gruesome as described in the voiceover of the trial, weren't disgustingly splatter film-like, they, like the sex scenes left much to the imagination. This is a profoundly disturbing and intriguing character study based on true events.

Sister Veronica Kate Gartside. The scene of the maids picking up hundreds of tiny pearls that have fallen on a carpet is an example. The musical score by Stephen Warbeck works solidly to convey the descent into madness of the two sisters.

Unique to this case, was the fact that their eyes had been gouged out while they were alive. Domestic Theatrical Distributor. Jolyon Symonds Location Manager. Low color saturation emphasizes the inhibiting nature of man-made social structure. Alliance Releasing Domestic Theatrical Distributor.

Meek, yet passionate in her role as a sweet repressed sister, prema kavali songs south mp3 she steals the show with a third the dialogue of her costars. Lea is hired by the penny pinching Madame Danzard and the two sisters co-serve as maids to the household.

Also starring Julie Walters

Amazing to consider that there are only four characters in the whole movie. Isabelle Danzard Sophie Thursfield. Seeing this movie made me realize how sad Lea and Christine were being extremely fragile types weren't really involved with this world. However the forbidden ardor between the sisters is just enough to make this a worthwhile selection for those who like that kind of thing.

Missable but intriguing expansion of the story that inspired Genet's The Maids. Alan Chesters Construction Manager. We found your email in our system. Yes, the entire cast was fine, but she really gave the memorable performance.

Sister My Sister