Suzuki Wagon R User Manual

It has been a profitable car for Suzuki even in the International market, mainly since introducing the car in India. Battery of the transmitter is weak. This update includes a new in-dash audio system. It is especially important to observe the following precautions during the initial km of vehicle operation.

Binding brakes restrict free wheel movement and the engine consumes more petrol in order to overcome resistance. Depress the clutch fully when changing gear. It is a new-age, connected infotainment system that connects the vehicle to the Cloud and provides a host of features.

Proper synchronization of gear and accelerator is necessary for better mileage. Instrument Cluster Meter Theme White. This will ensure trouble free operation of the vehicle and enhance the life of the engine. Dynamically Crafted Instrumental Panel. If any leaks are located, do not start the engine till the time the leakage has been rectified.

Once the steam is no longer heard or visible, open the bonnet and check the water pump belt for any slippage or damage. Check the car manual and the oil manufacturer's recommendations, before using any particular grade of oil.

Yes, it is imperative that you follow the regular periodic maintenance schedule as listed in the owner's manual, especially if you have bought a used car. Brakes Wash thoroughly after parking brake fully disengaged. The car will be trouble free and completely safe for use.

At high speeds, the vehicle may be affected by side winds. In addition to a more aggressive front end treatment, the Stingray also received clear taillights. When driving down a hill, do not switch off the engine.

Braking In the above cases, pull over to the later. Automobil Revue in German and French.

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Suzuki Wagon R Owner s Manual

Never add coolant to the radiator. Engine coolant is harmful or fatal if swallowed or inhaled. Owner's Manual Alto Petrol.

Periodic servicing Servicing of your vehicle must be carried out as specified in user's manual. The latch plate should then be if equipped refitted into the buckle and the belt tight- ened as previously described.


Your request has been successfully sent. All electrical systems are on. Be sure that any cleaner you use It is important to take good care of your is not harmful to painted surfaces and is vehicle to protect it from corrosion. Fuels commercially available in some areas.

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This hook is Do not put hard or breakable objects proper fitting. Turn the lens counterclockwise and pull it damaged, or make streaks when wiping, Undo the screws that secure the housing replace the wiper blades. All drivers must carry out daily pre-driving checks both inside the vehicle and outside. Page When replacing the bulb, make sure that the contact springs are holding the bulb securely. When climbing steep hills, the car may begin to slow down and show a lack of power.

Install a new bulb in the reverse order of removal. Choose file No file Choosen. Tighten to Specified Torque. But most of the time, engine oil consumption provides a very good reference to the health of the engine.

Suzuki wagon r owners manual. Suzuki kizashi automobile owner's manual pages. Suzuki grand vitara automobile owner's manual pages. The SmartPlay Dock in the Big New WagonR transforms your phone into a touch interface so you can access calls, music, enter shikari album navigation and more. Maruti wagon r coimbatore.

The fuel filler lid can be transmission. The cooling coil performs the function of evaporation of the refrigerant inside the coil. The length of the diagonal shoulder strap adjusts itself to allow freedom of movement. Tighten to specified torque.

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You will get more mileage from each litre if you take a less congested route. Please fill in your car details to begin vin. Don't manipulate the clutch and accelerator while stationary because it wastes fuel, even if the car you are driving is the most fuel efficient petrol car in India. Apply the brakes far before of the stopping point to allow for the extra stopping distance.

Shift to a lower gear for reducing speed and by shifting to lower gear you will save fuel. It is important to read the jacking instructions in this sec- tion before attempting to use the jack. Steering Mounted Voice Controls.

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Do not wait for your car to warm up Instead, drive in low gear till the engine warms up. Plan your route Fuel consumption on a highly congested road can be double the normal. If it is below the low mark, check for leakage from the hose, water pump or radiator. Check the coolant level in the reservoir. What should I do when the car overheats?

If the high engine coolant temperature authorised workshop. When should the air filter be replaced?