Triumph Thunderbird Manual

Preparation After Storage Storage Preparation after Storage Crank the engine on the starter motor several times until the oil pressure light goes out. If there is an incorrect amount of free play, adjustments must be made. Abs anti-lock Brake System Models Only Do not continue to ride for longer than is necessary with the indicator light illuminated. Headlight mounting bracket Switch the headlight dipped beam on.

Do not run the engine to dry the avoid a deterioration of its appearance. Disc Brake Fluid Reduce speed and do not continue to ride for longer than is necessary with the indicator light illuminated.

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Triumph Thunderbird Owner s ManualPrint & Online Triumph Motorcycle Repair Manuals - Haynes Publishing

If any damage or leakage is found, doom 2 game full version for windows 7 consult an authorised Triumph dealer. Triumph Thunderbird Handbook pages. Always turn off the engine when refuelling.

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Always In particular, internal friction in the engine will downshift before the engine begins be higher when components are new. Avoid spraying water with any great force Test the brakes before motorcycle operation. Remember, tyre computer operates by comparing the damage may not always be visible from relative speed of the front and rear wheels.

Where to be Careful Lubricate the pivots, bolts and nuts. Slacken the clamp bolt sufficient to allow Switch the headlight dipped beam on. Suggested Suspension Settings Therefore, always replace worn or turned fully anti-clockwise. Either trip meter shows the distance that the motorcycle has travelled since the meter on display was last Speedometer reset to zero.

Check tyre pressures daily and adjust if necessary. Operation of the motorcycle with a Clean the windscreen with a solution of mild damaged or scratched windscreen will soap or detergent and lukewarm water.

Contact an authorised Triumph dealer as soon as possible to have the fault checked and rectified. Position one gives the parts supplied by an authorised Triumph minimum amount of spring pre-load.

Triumph thunderbird manual

Wet, multi-plate Final Drive. Coolant Change Have the coolant changed by an authorised Triumph dealer in accordance with scheduled maintenance requirements. Ignition Key Triumph accessory alarm.

Coolant Change Align the cover to the crankcase. If fuel is spilled, thoroughly clean up the Caution spillage immediately and dispose of the materials used safely.

Warning To prevent detachment of the seat during riding, after fitting always grasp the seat and pull firmly upwards. In this situation, braking too hard will cause the wheels to lock resulting in loss of control and an accident. Fuel Gauge General Information Clock Adjustment Fuel Gauge Warning Do not attempt to adjust the clock with the motorcycle in motion as this may lead to loss of motorcycle control and an accident.

Riding with defective brakes may lead to loss of motorcycle control and an accident. Side panel removal is required to access the fusebox and the tool kit Allen key. Before riding, ensure that all riders have understood and complied with all the information to which these labels relate. Battery Disposal Maintenance and Adjustment Battery Disposal Under normal conditions, the motorcycle charging system will keep the battery fully Should the battery ever require replacement, charged. If regularly cleaned, the appearance will be preserved for many years.

Warning Always disengage the steering lock before riding as, with the steering lock engaged, it will not be possible to turn the handlebars or steer the motorcycle. Make a note of the key number and store the spare key, key blade and key number tag in a safe place away from the motorcycle.

In some cases, labels are installed prior to an application of paint lacquer. Triumph trophy and trophy se motorcycles pages. There are five damaged drive belts using genuine Triumph positions in total.

Triumph thunderbird manual

Warning The bulbs become hot during use. See the Specification section for details of the correct inflation pressures. Inspect belt wear, light, direction indicators, horn etc.

Always store this owner's handbook with the motorcycle and refer to it for information whenever necessary. Warning Lights Contact an authorised will illuminate.

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This note symbol indicates points. Tyres Maintenance and Adjustment Tyres Tyre Inflation Pressures Correct inflation pressure will provide maximum stability, rider comfort and tyre life.

Oil filter Position the oil drain pan beneath the oil filter. Considerations For High-speed Operation Warning Warning Petrol is extremely flammable and can be explosive under certain conditions. Engine Oil Maintenance and Adjustment Engine Oil Caution Ensure no foreign matter or contamination enters the engine during an oil change or cbnz In order for the engine, transmission, and top-up. Battery Charging Caution Do not use an automotive quick charger as it may overcharge and damage the battery.