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Could Columbus have been privy to these maps? So the Pinta could very well be a reference to Mary Magdalene. Importantly, he renamed all three ships before his expedition.

Clair family famous by identifying it as the family most likely to be carrying the Jesus bloodline. Clair family has a long and intimate historical connection to the Knights Templar.

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The Pinta is more of a mystery. Is this why he stayed south, because the maps showed no passage to the north? It is, accordingly, likely that Columbus had access to extensive Templar maps and charts through his familial connections to both Perestrello and Drummond. It is this research, and these questions, which triggered my novel, The Swagger Sword. In this belief, they had returned to the ancient pre-Old Testament ways, where the female form was worshiped and deified as the primary giver of life.

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But even given the danger, I find it hard to chalk these names up to coincidence, especially in light of all the other Columbus connections to the Templars. Enough, in fact, to trigger the plot of my latest novel, The Swagger Sword. After marrying, Columbus moved to the remote Madeira Islands, where a fellow resident, John Drummond, had also married into the Perestrello family.

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These namings occurred during the height of the Inquisition, when one needed to be extremely careful about doing anything which could be interpreted as heretical. Columbus, apparently, was using the rare eclipse to gather date for future western exploration. Saint Mary, the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Recall that, during this time period, trained navigators were adept at calculating latitude, but reliable methods for measuring longitude had not yet been invented. While there, Columbus prayed at St. Was Columbus using Templar maps when he made his Atlantic crossing? And how is it that some of the Runic characters match rare runes on inscriptions found in Minnesota and Rhode Island? Later in life, Columbus married into a prominent Templar family.

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This conclusively disproves any hoax theory while also linking these three artifacts together. Other historians believe the chapel houses or housed the hidden Knights Templar treasure. Other connections between Columbus and the Templars are less well-known. Does it look like any other Colonial structure you've seen? But once I began ferreting around in this dusty corner of history, I found some fascinating connections.

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Recent carbon dating of the mortar indicates s construction date see post below. To view and take measurements during a solar eclipse. Long passed off as a hoax, single frau 38 but how many people know the Runic language?

Nova Scotia, with its famous Bay of Fundy tides, matches the description almost perfectly. Columbus was intent on paying homage to the Templars and their beliefs, and found a subtle way of renaming his ships to do so. To begin with, most history buffs know there are some obvious connections between Columbus and the Knights Templar. These believers adhered to a version of Christianity which recognized the importance of the female in both society and in religion, putting them at odds with the patriarchal Church.

Can anyone deny the pommel, hilt and blade punch-marked into the bedrock? Weathering patterns of carving are consistent with that of year-old artifact. In fact, as the monument text hints, Columbus may have turned more than just his eyes westward. But this rare rune was only recently found in Europe.

At first blush, the navigator and the fighting monks seem like odd bedfellows. But, again, why would Columbus brave the north Atlantic in mid-winter?

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