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But what i find an issue here is that at least some of the people posting in this thread do not acknowledge that fact. Namespaces Page Discussion. However, not all strips are intended to be humorous. Death is when one stops existing. Keep in mind that this formula is to find creepiness, not legality.

Because you have achieved, against all possible odds, the mindset of a normal rational human being. That makes me a nice person! Search this website Hide Search.

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Age gap relationships actually work the best and they help to stop people from being ageist in the same way that mixed-race relationships help to stop people from being racist. So maybe there is a kernel of truth the rule, at least for men. Interested in learning more about relationships? However, humans manage to make sexual relations terribly complicated. When do Megan and Cueball stop existing in this comic?

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Also see the blag post Odd Temporal Milestones. Also, the creepiness rule is interesting. He has published on the topics of breakup, geographic separation, infidelity, social networks, cognition, and need fulfillment and emotions in relationships.

  • Age preferences in mates reflect sex differences in human reproductive strategies.
  • Men and women age at a different pace.
  • Anyone who corrects the wicked will get hurt.
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Some strips feature simple humor or pop-culture references. No one is taking this formula seriously on this forum any place except, surprise, this one thread taking it seriously. Nobody seems to interpret the last Time Ghost statement the way I did, challenges dating older man so I thought I would list my perspective here.

Created by math and programming geek Randall Munroe, the xkcd comic updates every Monday with a new adventure for its cast of oddball stick figures. Wikimedia Commons has media related to xkcd. Navigation Main page Latest comic Community portal xkcd.

Megan is just annoyed that it is back and wishes it to go away. But one thing about the prediction is true - they will eventually die. In the first panel Megan seems to recognize the time-ghost, inferring that she's met him before - but Cueball has not. The shock'll probably kill'em. In the first panel, Megan is not suprised to see that ghost and can even identify it easily.

Timeghost - explain xkcd

Also the dating pool might to start rise again for males only once they get quite old. If it can be called dating, that is. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Although this is a fun rule of thumb, what does research say about age preferences for potential mates? Information Science Institute.

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Geographical maps, their various different formats and creation methods are a frequently recurring theme in the comic. If we do, just add this comic to it. We do, however, jewish matchmaking sites not know how long the ghost has been haunting Megan.

  1. References to Wikipedia articles or to Wikipedia as a whole have occurred several times in xkcd.
  2. Various websites were drawn as continents, each sized according to their relative popularity and located according to their general subject matter.
  3. It was available for download only to those who donated higher than the average donated for the other eBooks.

Keep waggling your butt brows Brothers. Obviously it is a gross generalisation, but still, it's a pretty good one. The reason I would kill penguins would be, no one ever, ever fucking kills penguins. He runs a startup that makes incredible amounts of money, despite his not even knowing what they do.

From Wikipedia, how old should the free encyclopedia. No one's getting into anything they should be unfamiliar with. Munroe has released three spinoff books from the comic.

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The difficulty of calculation is a valid point though. It started its haunting three panels ago, and they all die in one panel. People who've reached can pretty much do whatever the fuck they want, provided they aren't breaking any laws outside of drug ones. Using the Mythbusters system, it seems that this one is partly confirmed. In this instance, some of the factoids are easily verifiable, while others are reasonable assumptions based on the number of years passed since the individual events.

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Similarly annoying fact oids were given in Shadowfacts. This change in attraction is happening very fast. It is an obvious genetic fertility issue which drives attraction. His book Thing Explainer explains scientific concepts using only the one thousand most commonly used words in English. Would be interesting to calculate.

Literally, we are choosing physical attraction over security because we now have options that never existed for us before. How can we say that the time-ghost only first appeared in the beginning of this particular comic? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. There is no example in the comic where it makes a prediction that we know is accurate - only comparing time spans we can look up - see below.

Nevermind, I'm bad at grammar! Now there is mathematical proof! They grow the tail and stinger upon reaching adulthood.

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It is also possible Timeghost is being deliberately ambiguous in an effort to frighten them even more. My friends and I like teasing him about the rather large age difference between us. This is of course only scary if you believe the ghost can predict the future, which is not what it has been doing so far. He does not spout ever more, new stupidities.

That mindset is definitely not the norm. University of Western Ontario. All the events and people mentioned in this comic may be considered influences on present day art and culture.

Do you not Mighty Jalapeno? This could be a long time ago and thus be true for anyone it meets today. Men may not like this trend but it's happening with or without their approval. On several occasions, fans have been motivated by Munroe's comics to carry out the subject of a particular drawing or sketch offline. He seems to be naive, obsessed with bakeries, optimistic, dating fossil and completely out of touch with reality.

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